Project Shipping

Irrespective of their differences in terms of length, width, height, and weight, Unique-Turkey makes the shipment of all your investment-oriented cargos exceeding the standard dimensions from points to points around the world.

Our services within the scope of project shipping may be summarized as follows:

• Shipment of the loads exceeding the factory standard container dimensions by means of special-type containers;
• Shipment of loads with high tonnage and large dimensions by means of special-type vehicles;
• Shipment of each and every load securely by means of methods found suitable, and upon making the required preparations after taking such loads into consideration in view of both their features, and that of all shipment alternatives and costs;
• Shipment of power stations, cranes, complete facilities, heavy-duty machines, and heavy iron/steel loads;
• Leasing of lowbeds and vessels when necessary;
• Automobile shipments;
• Shipments subject to permit;
• Timely and Regular Document Delivery;
• Secure, fast, and economic service.